Photo: Halvard Kr. Toften

Notable people who have explored Dronningruta

Her Majesty Queen Sonja: The hiking trail is named after Her Majesty Queen Sonja who, for the first time in 1994 completed Dronningruta and experienced the magnificent nature that Øksnes and the rest of Vesterålen have to offer.

In 2018 the Norwegian Trekking Association’s (DNT) marked its 150th anniversary. As part of the celebration, DNT and the Norwegian Broadcasting Association (NRK) teamed up to promote Norwegian nature and outdoor recreation. Vesterålen was one of four selected regions for this purpose, and Dronningruta in Vesterålen was chosen to highlight hiking paths along the coast.

The hikes in the four regions were all led by the famous Norwegian wilderness adventurer Lars Monsen. The goal of the project was to get as many people as possible to join him on his journey through the Norwegian nature and experience its greatness together. The whole event was broadcasted live on NRK “minute by minute”.

Lars Monsen and his entourage completed Dronningruta on the 25th and 26th of July 2018. Additionally, in the evening the NRK programme “Sommeråpent” was broadcasted from Stø and Nyksund with interviews, guests, live music, and recaps from the hike earlier in the day.

Monsen hikes Dronningruta minute by minute

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Additionally, the world-famous chess player Magnus Carlsen has also completed Dronningruta.

Photo: Halvard Kr. Toften